mardi 8 juin 2010

Using M.A.C for the first time?

Wow, I think that I haven't updated my blog since/for/add whatever you want (don't forget that I suck with english grammar)...100 years?

I tried a new haircut just for fun ^^ I want to purchase a Prisila Half wig so hard x_x But this is a little bit too expensive for me since I cannot try the wigs xD  Sorry, I didn't liked my mouth on the picture...

Anyway, this is because...I saved a lot of money to go on a trip for South Korea. Last year, one of my friend (my penpal for 4 years) came to Paris to see me ^^ That's why I want to go to Seoul to see her. I like her so much...She is like the best friend that I never had (my best friend is a boy, I like him too but the last time I tried to talk about girly things with him, he laughed hard)
But saving money is just too hard for me...I made a lot of sacrifices...Finally, I decided to keep about 80% of my money for the trip, and wait a few months before going to Korea. I don't want to go to Seoul and be on bankrupt when I'll be back in France >_>
But OMG, this is so hard to save money and not buy anything x_x
Oh, and a few weeks ago I went to my first Korean Party ! I don't understand how some girls can dance all the night with high heels? I was about to die with mine ! The party was pretty good, but some people were like...drunk?? Really really drunk ! I've been traumatized when a young asian boy almost throw over me (message to the drunk asian : "hey, If I find you, I'm gonna kick your ass, because you almost killed my favorite shirt !!") x_x But finally, I've been saved. That's why I don't like that kind of parties. I rather little parties with my friends and without alcohol, please...I even saw a very young girl who was so unconscious that I thought she was dead. Korean Parties are dangerous xD

Finally, after 6 months of sacrifices, I bought some M.A.C make-up ^^ A lipstick (Nude but IRL the color sucks...too light for my skin) and a black eyeshadow !! 
I really love it ^^

I really like the packaging <3 So classy ^^

If I cannot go to Korea this summer...I think that I'll buy a LOT of M.A.C products, ha ha xD

I ordered new lenses, too !! Geo Super Angel Brown ! 14,8 mm, chucky mode : activated. OMG, can't wait to receive them xD 

3 commentaires:

simple&lovely_xoxo a dit…

The MAC lipstick looks really good on u!!!

I know can't talk to guys about much hahahaha

I like the hair it looks fab on your skin tone ~ ur soo pretty !!

Your English is rly good!
Mon français est très mauvais!! :(
I studied it for 5years and I still can't have a conversation lol

Stephanie a dit…

Coucou Micky, je suivais ton Skyblog et puis j'étais toute triste quand j'ai vu que tu avais cloturé... ben now je suis ravie de retrouver ton humour sur Blogger! Merci pour ce récit épique de ta fête koréenne lol XD
J'espère que tes partiels se sont bien passés, la dernière fois qu'on avait discuté tu étais un peu en galère pour ton exposé sur l'art Nord-Coréen, tu as finalement réussi à trouver assez d'infos?
xoxo, bon courage pour tes recherches de job!
oh et btw j'aime beaucoup ton rouge à lèvres nude!

Micky a dit…

@ Stephanie : ooh *o* Merci beaucoup xD Je suis désolée de valider les commentaires aussi tardivement, mais ça me fait plaisir !
Pour mon exposé sur la Corée du Nord, je l'ai bien réussi ^^ J'ai interviewé des étudiants sud-coréens et au final j'ai finie avec un 15,5 ! J'ai beaucoup aimé faire cette recherche, quoique éprouvant psychologiquement du à certaines réactions négatives de coréens mais la plupart d'entre eux ont accepté de collaborer *o*